Stretch Ceiling technology appeared more than 50 years ago and has conquered all of Europe, and is now gaining popularity in North America. It is a suspended ceiling system that uses a lightweight but extremely durable PVC membrane. This material is stretched with heat and clipped into a track, to provide a perfectly flawless ceiling.

As a result we are able to :

  • Easily renovate and change home or commercial space appearance in as little as one day with 10 year warranty!
  • Add more lighting, expand and enlarge rooms, create  high ceiling illusion.
  • The new ceiling will be installed on top of the old one avoiding major renovation disruption. No mudding or Sanding.
  • Create the visual effect for every taste and theme- You imagination is your limit!
  • Cover previous stains, leaks,  wires and  other imperfections.
  • The PVC material is reliable, eco-friendly, non flammable- fire resistant. 
  • Water proof quality is perfect for  Bathroom,  pools, saunas and other humid areas.
  • Sound proof feature is a great solution for apartments and basement rentals.
  • Stretch ceiling is available in various designs colours and textures.
  • It does not attract or collects dust, which provides great alternative for allergy and bacteria prone environment. 
  • Stretch ceiling is very durable but flexible and will protect your space, in case of a leakage or flood.
  • Save thousands by eliminating Asbestos Remediation process.
  • The stretch ceiling does not require additional care, does not loose colour or brightness.
  • And lastly, It provides any interior with finest look and perfection that cannot be achieved with any other ceiling renovation systems.

Ceiling Evolution is a dynamic company based in Calgary, Alberta. Our strong relationship with European partners allows us to offer extensive product selection, competitive prices and professional installation. Stretch ceilings can be installed in as little as one day. There is no need to remove your old ceiling which will greatly assist in avoiding delays and interruptions. Stretch ceiling is becoming popular in Calgary, Alberta for its quick, mess free technology and many advantages that cannot be achieved with any other ceiling installation. The PVC material is available in Matte, Gloss and Satin finishes. There is a wide range of colours and prints that can be applied to the chosen finishes. Ceiling evolution is also able to provide translucent and backlit option for unique designs. Our stretch ceiling technology can accommodate and add lighting, grills, speakers and other fixtures. The ceiling PVC material is moisture resistant, non-flammable. It will not stain or loose colour. Ceiling evolution offers a Free estimate in Calgary and area. Stretch ceiling is available for residential and commercial projects, providing Calgary and Alberta designers / architects with new, cost effective stretch ceiling solution and exclusive design ideas.