Stretch Ceiling Installation process:

Stretch ceiling is a suspended ceiling system that uses a lightweight PVC membrane, that has limitless durability with 10 year warranty. The PVC membrane is stretched with heat and clipped into a track to provide a perfectly flawless ceiling. The new ceiling will fit on top of the old one, avoiding major husle and the usual renovation disruption.

The profile can be attached to the wall or any supporting ceiling by screws. We use a secure mount that provides maximum reliability and opportunity of repeated disassembly in case of desired changes.

The stretch ceiling profile can be installed on a curve, dome, vault or any other shaped surface.

Following that, we install previously designed lighting, or add additional lighting as desired, as well as adjust vents, sprinklers and other fixtures platform.

On site, the material is warmed up by air heaters in order to stretch to the desired size, and slipped with special tools into the installed tracking system.

Finally, openings for fixtures are cut and finished with reinforcement material.

Your Ceiling is ready!