Product Selection

Gloss Stretch Ceiling

Gloss Stretch ceiling is now available in Calgary.  Gloss or Lacquer finish is a popular selection among our customers. This stretch ceiling transforms any space and creates a visual effect of a bigger and brighter room due to it’s reflective quality. We also use Gloss Stretch Ceilings  for Multi-level ceiling designs by combining Matte and Gloss /mirror finishings.

Stretch Ceiling for Hotels

Stretch Ceiling wall and lighting designs are the perfect solution for hotels and public places. With our technology, hotels are able to create inviting environment, give a venue a lively vibe and immersing guests in total luxury.They also can ensure cleanliness for food prep areas and banquet halls with our eco friendly stretch ceilings installation. Standard Guest rooms can easily be updated with flat, satin or gloss finishes providing smooth perfect ceiling for your guests.

Satin Stretch Ceiling

If you are looking for finish that is softer than gloss but still with a little bit of shimmer, you should choose Satin stretch ceiling. It offers very gentle reflection of the light with a pearl- like effect. It’s a perfect balance between classic and contemporary styles, which make it Interior designers favourite. Ceiling Evolution- Stretch Ceiling Calgary offers a huge selection of colours and design combinations with the satin finish.

Matte Stretch Ceiling

Matte Stretch finish provides a flawless smooth look to your new ceiling. It’s a great alternative to the old popcorn or stucco finishes. This particular stretch ceiling option does not reflect light.  It is installed in a matter of hours and will redecorate any room. Our Ceiling Renovation team offers a wide range of colours. We can apply image or print to cater to any specific themes and choice of our customers. This Stretch ceiling material is maintenance free. It will not age, flake peel or collect dust.

Multi-level stretch ceiling

The use of stretch ceiling can significantly simplify and reduce the cost of the creation of multi-level ceiling.If you thought it’s complicated, expensive and impossible, we’ll change your mind!Ceiling evolution is about progressive technology to provide our customers with most cost effective ceiling renovation and design. We can combine colours, textures and finishes as well as back lights to emphasize the design of your new ceiling.

Translucent Ceiling and Wall

Translucent stretch ceiling has revolutionized the design of ceiling appearance. It combines ceiling and lighting technology to allow unique interior solutions. From high tech to calm ambience- let the imagination run wild! The most unusual ideas can become a reality with this new stretch ceiling technology in Canada.

Photoprint Stretch Ceiling and Wall

Our high tech printing technology provides an entirely new perspective on decorating and interior design. We provide high resolution Stretch ceiling print to accommodate any theme and any space. Your chosen image can be printed on gloss, satin or matte finishes. Whether you are trying to decorate a nursery, office, pool or a sauna room, we can bring to life any of your ideas and  provide you with our catalogs to explore your option.


Stretch ceiling is the best solution for pools, saunas and bathrooms. These spaces suffer from  humidity, water vapour , condensation and high levels of chlorine. These factors destroy and discolour any construction materials. PVC stretch ceiling is the only material to stand up to these rough conditions. It will never loose it’s quality and colour. Stretch ceiling is the most hygienic solution for this wet climate today.

Stretch Ceiling for Offices and More

Stretch ceiling is ideally suited for office and store front spaces. It will provide the comfort of acoustic and lighting conditions. Your new ceiling will enhance a personal style and  design of any theme.

Ceilings for Restaurants and Banquet halls

Restaurants, night clubs, banquet halls can all benefit from this new Stretch Ceiling technology.There is no better option to make […]

Make your new renovation or construction project complete with Ceiling evolution - Stretch Ceiling Calgary. Stretch ceiling and wall design is the best choice there is to make any idea a reality. No more messy popcorn ceiling removal, Save thousands of $$$ eliminating asbestos. Quick installation and almost no renovation disturbance, allows us to be cost effective and achieve the perfect fit to any architectural shape. The stretch ceiling solution allows us to add more lighting and accommodate the existing fixtures. Our company provides variety of products, finishes, textures and prints to perfect any design idea.

We provide ceiling renovation services in Calgary, Alberta using the new, 21st century technology. Whether you have to repair your ceiling in the bathroom or create professional appearance for your business, Ceiling evolution team got you covered. High quality PVC material is now available in Calgary, Alberta providing our costumers with wide range of possibilities for ceiling, lighting and wall renovation ideas.